2020 Best Domain Registrar Challenge

Welcome to March, where the madness abounds in college basketball’s March Madness tournament.  In the spirit of the madness of college basketball season and the business of domain investing, I selected 64 registrars to compete in the 2020 Best Domain Registrar Challenge. Like the march basketball tournament, you’re encouraged to examine the bracket and fill it out for who you think should win.  I will cover each region on my podcast, telling you how I selected the winner of each “game”.  I will post results as I cover them on my podcast.  You’re encouraged to share this and have fun with it with fellow domainers!  If you get a chance to listen to an upcoming podcast where I preview the tournament, I’ll even explain what inspired me to do this!

Each registrar is seeded 1-16, and there are four regions, with the top registrar from each region advancing to the final four registrars.  These last four will compete for a the 2020 Domain Registrar National Championship. If you’re unfamiliar with how each “team” or registrar plays, each regions 1 seed will play the 16th seed, while the 2 seed plays the 15 seed, and so on.  I cover how I seeded each registrar below, in detail.  The seeding process didn’t go very deep, and I’ll be very honest – I don’t have a “favorite”.  I think it’ll be a fun mental exercise to compare and contrast each registrar.


Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list of all registrars.  There were a few ommitted because the data was hard to find or was incomplete.  There maybe even some good registrars missing.  Comment below if your favorite registrar is missing and I’ll add it to the list for next year.

One last note before you read on – I do have the ability to allow users to login and edit their own brackets and submit them.  The issue is, the “winning bracket” would be chosen based on my decisions.  Quite frankly, I wanted this to be a community decision, so I’m not enabling this feature.  If you have suggestions, comments, or feedback, I would welcome those with open arms.

How I seeded the Registrars

Each registrar was graded on the four data points below.  A max score of 36 points was possible, with the top 2 registrars tying at 31 points.

  1. Available Domainer Tools – a registrar received 1 point for offering any of the following, with a max possible of 6 points.
    • Domain Registration
    • Domain Marketplace
    • Back Order
    • Transfer-In
    • Parking for Monetization
    • Escrow Services.
  2. Crunchbase Rank and Trend Score – Each company was looked up in crunchbase and I tallied their crunchbase rank.  According to the website, “The Crunchbase Rank algorithm takes many signals into account including the number of connections a profile has, the level of community engagement, funding events, news articles, and acquisitions. A company’s Rank is fluid and subject to rising and decaying over time with time-sensitive events”.  Each registrar was given points, as follows, based on their crunchbase score.  A max score of 10 points was possible.
    • no score = 0 points
    • 400,001 and over = 1 point
    • 300,001 to 400,000 = 2 points
    • 200,001 to 300,000 = 4 points
    • 100,001 to 200,000 = 6 points
    • 1001 to 100,000 = 8 points
    • 1 to 1000 = 10 points
  3. Registered Domains (per domainstats.com as of March 2020), as follows. A max score of 10 points was possible.
    • 0 to 1,000 domains = 1 point
    • 1001 to 5,000 domains = 2 points
    • 5,001 to 10,000 domains = 4 points
    • 10,001 to 50,000 domains = 6 points
    • 50,0001 to 100,000 domains = 7 points
    • 100,0001 to 1,000,000 domains = 8 points
    • 1,000,001 to 10,000,000 domains = 9 points
    • 10,000,000+ domains = 10 points
  4. Number of TLDs a registrar works with (per domainstats.com), as follows. A max score of 10 points was possible.
    • 0 to 10 = 1 points
    • 11 to 20 = 2 points
    • 21 to 30 = 3 points
    • 31 to 40 = 4 points
    • 41 to 50 = 5 points
    • 51 to 60 = 6 points
    • 61 to 70 = 7 points
    • 71 to 80 = 8 points
    • 81 to 90 = 9 points
    • 91 to 100+ = 10 points



I collected this data by doing online research starting the beginning of March.  It’s possible there are human errors, but this is a good attempt to be fair with data and to give you, dear reader, a chance to really discern who the best domain registrar of 2020 is.  Disclaimer: I am NOT an affiliate nor am I being compensated by any registrar for this work.

Download the Excel spreadsheet of the data I collected here: 2020 domain registrar championship data

Domain Registrar Bracket

You can view the bracket on the webpage or download the PDF of the bracket.






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