Spammers Sending Domain Expiration Notices

Domain Name Scam

Domain Expiration scam alert My domain name registrar will occasionally send me a domain expiration notice if I have a domain name that’s about to expire.  It’s important for domain name owners to be able to identify the difference between an actual domain and expiration and a domain expiration scam.  Spammers attempt to steal your … Read more

How to do a WHOIS Search via Command Prompt

WHOIS Search via Command Prompt

At least twice in the last few months I’ve went to a popular domain registrar and searched for a domain name where the result was something like your domain is available, only for it to become unavailable moments later.  I know this has probably happened to you, it’s happened to nearly everyone I know.  For … Read more

Is There Enough Value in Monetizing For-Sale Landing Pages for Domain Investors?


How Can I Use All These Domain Names I Have? Since becoming a domain investor, I find myself accumulating more and more domains, and I’m starting to understand the amount of traffic that visit my For–Sale Landing Pages (FSLPs).  You can read how I setup you Google Analytics to measure the traffic on my parked domains in this article.  This data I see is making me consider what I … Read more