Spammers Sending Domain Expiration Notices

Domain Name Scam

Domain Expiration scam alert My domain name registrar will occasionally send me a domain expiration notice if I have a domain name that’s about to expire.  It’s important for domain name owners to be able to identify the difference between an actual domain and expiration and a domain expiration scam.  Spammers attempt to steal your … Read more

The Complete Guide to MX Records

MX Record to A Record

This is the fourth installment In the of a ten-part series outlining the ten most common Domain Name System (DNS) Records.  In this article I will examine Mail Exchange Records, or MX Records.  Find links below to the previous articles: In the third article I examined CNAME Record In the second article I discussed the AAAA Record In the first … Read more

The Complete Guide to CNAME Records


This is the third installment of a ten-part series outlining the ten most common Domain Name System (DNS) Records.  In the first installment I discussed the A Record; I defined precisely what IPv4 was, went in-depth on Time To Live (TTL), and identified the three types of DNS Servers (DNS Resolver, DNS Root Serve, and Authoritative DNS … Read more

Katalon Studio 6.3.0 Offers Two Nice Features

Katalon Studio 6.3.0 Features

Earlier I wrote about adopting Katalon Studio for UI Tests, and as my journey with Katalon continues, they continue to improve the desktop application.  Katalon Studio 6.3.0 features two nice enhancements when the Beta was released on July 3, 2019.  The release is presently downloadable in beta format via GitHub (click prerelease to download).  This … Read more

How to do a WHOIS Search via Command Prompt

WHOIS Search via Command Prompt

At least twice in the last few months I’ve went to a popular domain registrar and searched for a domain name where the result was something like your domain is available, only for it to become unavailable moments later.  I know this has probably happened to you, it’s happened to nearly everyone I know.  For … Read more

Is There Enough Value in Monetizing For-Sale Landing Pages for Domain Investors?


How Can I Use All These Domain Names I Have? Since becoming a domain investor, I find myself accumulating more and more domains, and I’m starting to understand the amount of traffic that visit my For–Sale Landing Pages (FSLPs).  You can read how I setup you Google Analytics to measure the traffic on my parked domains in this article.  This data I see is making me consider what I … Read more

Updating Network Infrastructure for a Youth Sports League

Network Infrastructure

Late in 2018, I was asked to volunteer to help with the “IT” work associated with the Local youth sports league my family and I associate with.  This article is about the need that was first communicated to me and my perception of the need, versus the actual need.  There’s detail of the specific work … Read more