Domain Name Registrar Challenge: Second Round of the Midwest Region

Domain Name Registrar Challenge Second Round Midwest Region held in Kansas City, Missouri.  If you want to see a breakdown of the first round, you can find it here.

To see how the seeding was done based on data collected by yours truly, check out the article that introduced 2020 Best Domain Registrar Challenge.  You can just cut to the chase and view the bracket in the webpage or download the PDF of the bracket if you wish.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these registrars.  All of these notes are my opinions.  My opinions were based upon observations of services as provided on the registrar website.

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Domain Name Registrar Challenge Second Round Midwest Region

(1) vs (9)

Dynadot is typically listed as a favorite registrar by domain investors, and for good reason.  They offer a strong expired domain auction to pair with their active marketplace.  More, they offer free WHOIS privacy, all while ~466 TLDs.

Moniker is a strong nine seed, also offering free privacy with domain registration.  They also offer a premium Ultimate Domain Protection service.  While a bit pricey with a one-time-fee of $19.99 per domain, this service protects domain hijacking [INSERT LINK TO ARTICLE] which requires that transfers only take place through rigorous customizable verification instructions.  I think this is a really nice offering for domain investors who own valuable domains they want to protect.  However, because they don’t have a marketplace or other services, this is a match-up that Dynadot is able to win.  To be sure, it’s not nearly the blow-out many might expect.

Final Score: Dynadot 66, Moniker 65

(2) vs (10) is a powerful registrar that offers an expiring domain auction and aftermarket sales.  They offer privacy, but at a premium price of $4.99 (no notation if that’s a one-time-fee or annual fee). also offers an auction platform as well as a no-fee backorder service.  They website is extremely easy to navigate, and pricing appears to be upfront.  They also offer free domain privacy with registration, which gives them one leg up on  This is a matchup I fully expected to win, but after doing more of a deep dive, I’m not sure the underdog is the best registrar. simply offers competitive pricing and free privacy.  Their marketplaces, while not as robust as, are easier to sort/filter and explore.  This hard fought matchup is nearly a toss-up, with the lower seed walking away in double-overtime.

Final Score: 100, 99

(3) vs (11)

101Domain is a niche competitor that powered their way into the rankings by supporting 587 TLDs coupled with more than 150K domain registrations.  They offer competitive pricing (currently $8.99 for a .com registration).  They claim to offer privacy as an add-on at checkout, but I’m not seeing that.  Simply put, 101Domain is a good registrar that supports many TLDs and offers competitive pricing.

NamePal boasts “cheapest domain registration” but also offers expired and closeout auction platform.  More they offer free WHOIS privacy for registration and domain email.  Although their auction platforms are not robust, they’re certainly making an effort to make it a true marketplace.  However, because they only support a limited number of TLDs, of which I cannot seem to find a list. says they support 4 TLDs, which appears to be close to correct.  Taking a moment to give credit where credit it due, NamePal appears focused on providing quality registration and aftermarket services to domain investors, so for that reason I’m giving them the win over 101Domain, which supports many more TLDs but doesn’t do much else.

Final Score: NamePal 59, 101Domain 55

(4) vs (5)

United Domains supports ~500 TLDs and presents a very user-friendly website.  I wrote in my last article that I couldn’t determine if they offer privacy, but digging deeper I see they offer it for $7.99 per domain per year.

Like their challenger, EasySpace also supports ~500 TLDs while also charging ~$7 per year.  Privacy is listed at £6.50, so I had to google to translate that to U.S. Dollars (localization of websites is hard).  Neither challenger offers a marketplace, so this was a competition decided by inches.  United Domains pulls out the victory in overtime with a really nice and easy to user website.

Final Score: 57, EasySpace 56

That wraps up Domain Name Registrar Challenge Second Round Midwest Region, where Dynadot, Sav, NamePal and UnitedDomains will be advancing to the sweet sixteen.

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