Domain Name Registrar Challenge: Second Round of the West Region

Welcome to the Domain Name Registrar Challenge Second Round West Region in Scottsdale, Arizona – if you want to see a breakdown of the first round, you can find it here.

To see how the seeding was done based on data collected by yours truly, check out the article that introduced 2020 Best Domain Registrar Challenge.  You can just cut to the chase and view the bracket in the webpage or download the PDF of the bracket if you wish.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these registrars.  All of these notes are my opinions.  My opinions were based upon observations of services as provided on the registrar website.

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Domain Name Registrar Challenge Second Round West Region

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(1) vs (9)

Though not the cheapeast registrar, Google offers competitive pricing and free privacy protection for every domain name registered.  With more than 4 million active registrations, Google is a major player in the game.  For those who may be new to registering domain names, they offer tips for registering a name, which is something I haven’t seen at other registrars yet. is no light-weight, since they have nearly 2 million active domain registrations.  Offering privacy at a premium rate.  Register has a few premium services, such as Domain Expiration Protection and Domain Privacy.  Neither Google nor Register offer a marketplace.  Due to offering more competitive pricing and free privacy, Google will win this match-up.

Final Score: Google 71, Register 68

(2) vs (7) offers registrations in 300+ TLDs, including .coms currently at $9.99.  They do offer privacy but at a premium rate that I can’t figure out – guess you should find out at checkout?  My favorite feature at is their Premium Domains page, where they give good information to end users that market domains owned by investors.  However, it’s unclear to me where their pulling these names from.

Network Solutions was the first domain name registrar, founded in 1979.  They do offer privacy, but at an undisclosed price.  Digging deeper, I see that privacy is offered free for the first month, then $1.99 per month after that (that’s $24 per year!).  I do like that they allow you to check out as a guest (so I didn’t need to create an account to get a better view of their pricing).  They also offer Domain Protection at an additional fee, which “protects your content from hackers and DDOS attacks” and “automatically detects and removes malware”.  I will say their checkout process was difficult, as they we’re actively trying to get you to opt-in to other services.  However, right now their .com registrations are $5, which is indeed a bargain.  Network Solutions wins the game with their pricing, but they’re definitely need to up their game to advance past this round.

Final Score: Network Solutions 52, 50

(3) vs (6)

Instra offers a variety of tools for the domain investor, including pre-registration, sunrise, and landrush of new TLDs.  They offer privacy, but it’s unclear if there’s a fee for this service.  For businesses, they offer gTLD trademark protection.  Instra appears to be focusing on the a niche where they can focus on domain management on an enterprise level.

Uniregistry is the registrar formerly owned by domain investor Frank Schilling, who sold recently to GoDaddy.  Uni offers dot com domain registration for $10.88 currently, this price includes WHOIS privay.  More, they offer a powerful marketplace for domainers to buy and sell domain names.  From a data perspective, Instra starts off strong, but Uniregistry hits the nail on the head when it comes to providing tools the domain investors want and need.

Final Score: Uniregistry 84, Instra 75

(5) vs (13)

The Australian registrar CrazyDomains currently offer .com for $11.99 (they offer discounts for multi-year registrations), but ask for an additional $8.00 per year for WHOIS privacy.  They do offered tiered-pricing and discounts via their domain club.

Canadian registrar Namespro (not to be confused with popular domainer forum, is highly promoting the .ca TLD, but offer registration in a multitude of other TLDs as well.  Although a bit higher for a dot com registration at $16/year, they do offer privacy with a one time charge of $8.88, which apply to all domains you have registered with  I think there is real value in transparency for pricing and what a registrar includes in the price of registration.  For this reason, will advance to the sweet sixteen, keeping their Cinderella dream alive.

Final Score: NamesPro 76, CrazyDomains 74

That wraps up the Domain Name Registrar Challenge Second Round West Region, where Google, Network Solutions, Uniregistry and Namespro will be advancing to the sweet sixteen.

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