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In 2013 domain investor Doron Vermaat and software entrepreneur Lionel Petitiaux founded Efty.  Efty provides powerful tools to domain investors.  I personally use Efty landing pages to help me sale, track and market my domain names.  I highly recommend their powerful platform for any domain investor seeking to improve their record-keeping and display those beautiful Efty landing pages.  I’ve tried several payment options, most recently with price upon request, which I wrote about here.  The flexibility of the platform is amazing!  It offers you the ability to toggle between buy-it-now, make offer, and price upon request.  They also offer some nice designs for your landing pages, or you can upload your own.

Thank you Doron for taking your time to sit down with me and answer some questions.  In the interview, he and I talked about what great landing pages should look like.  We also touched on some of the newer features offered by Efty (including Live Chat and Zapier integration).  I even asked him about the pricing model they currently offer, and if they plan to change that in the future.  Below is an excerpt of the interview, hope you enjoy!

What are the advantages to using efty over other companies for landing pages?

“We offer a commission-free sales platform where sellers get access to all buyer data, including the email, phone number and the IP address of the person who submits the inquiry or offer. This allows our users to conduct proper due diligence and research on the potential buyer which is extremely important in negotiations if you want to maximize the deal size. Efty’s for-sale landing pages can also be customized with their own text, a logo and we offer more than 40+ different designs to choose from.”

Efty Landing Pages

What do you believe makes a great landing page?  

“A good for-sale landing page is a page that doesn’t distract from the domain name itself. It’s clean, fast and it is built to convert on any device.  At Efty we’re not in the business of telling our users what’s good and what’s not, however.  Sometimes a domain name requires a landing page that might not say explicitly that it’s for sale, but it still allows a visitor to send a ‘business’ inquiry.  With Efty, the choice is yours since we offer many different templates and options to further customize. Most of our users are experienced and highly profitable domain name investors and they know best what works for their portfolio.”

Here’s what an offer email looks like from the Efty team.  Notice the “offer” here is blank since this domain is price upon request offer email

Efty does a good job at keeping information private.  since you don’t release sales information, is there anything you can share from a data perspective about the introduction of the “price upon request” – versus “buy it now” and “make offer” landing pages?  

“We don’t have data on deals that close via PUR (price upon request) or Make Offer as that data isn’t available to us, as per our Governance. I can share that many of the world’s best domain name portfolios are with Efty however and the sales volume we’re behind as a service will knock your socks off!

Currently Efty offers two pricing models.  You can choose between $72 annually (up to 50 domainS) and $144 annually (up to 1500 domains).  My inventory of domain names is usually somewhere between 50 and 1500.  do you have any future plans to offer an intermediate plan?

“We do not have any plans to add an intermediate subscription.  We feel $144 per year is very affordable for a commission-free sales solution with all the features Efty offers.  Even if an investor owns a small number of domains, a single sale will pay for many years of service.”

live chat is only available currently with the Growth ($144) plan.  Have you considered offering live-chat as an upgrade to a basic plan?  

“Live Chat and other features such as SSL will be included in the Growth and higher plans only. It’s not feasible for us to offer those features on the Basic plan, unfortunately.”

with EFTY’S RECENT ZAPIER INTEGRATION, what “zaps” have you seen most integrated?

“Most brokers integrate with their sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  Many private investors like to create “zaps” with Google Docs such as Sheets.”

If you’re interested in checking out Efty, you can sign-up for their 30-day free trial.  I personally use Efty for my for-sale-landing-pages.  Efty also offer some nice templates for your very own marketplace if you like that feature at no additional cost.  I’d highly recommend checking them out, they’re always responsive to questions and even feature enhancements.  In fact, it was the Domain King Rick Schwartz who offered that they should offer Price Upon Request, which they quickly obliged.  If you have further questions for Doron or comments on the interview, please leave them below.

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