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How to Add Google Analytics to your For-Sale Domain Landing Pages

As a Domain Investor, I wanted the ability to see more about the user traffic that goes to the for-sale landing pages of the domains I own, and found a really easy way to do this.  If you use Efty to manage your domain portfolio, here’s a way to view your For Sale Landing Page traffic in about 5 minutes using Google Analytics.

  • Go to Google Analytics and login with your gmail account. If you don’t have a gmail account, you can create one. It can be any email account you use and is not visible to the public, as far as I know.
  • Go to “settings” by clicking he gear in the left corner on the Google Analytics page.Create Account Google Analytics
  • under “account” select the blue button “create account”.  This will open up a new area, shown below.

Google Analytics Creating Account Expanded

  • Website is selected by default.  Add an account name  and website name .  For website URL I used – I don’t think it matters what you put here.
  • select a category.  I selected Other.
  • select your local time zone.
  • scroll down and select Get Tracking ID.
  • You have to accept Google’s Term of Service next.  If you accept these terms, check both boxes and select accept.

Googles Terms of Service

  • After you accept Google’s Terms of Service, it will display your google tracking ID.  I obfuscated mine, shown below.

Google Tracking ID

Efty For Sale Landing Page Settings

  • Scroll down and select save.

Congratulations, you have just added an easy way to track traffic to all of your landing pages.  This will tell you which of your landing pages are generating traffic and all the information that comes along with it.  You can now view this data in your Google Analytics page.


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