Josh Reason Empowering Domain Investors to Success Through DNWE

In February Josh Reason announced on twitter than he had a special project he was working on that may revolutionize the domain investing industry.  A series of tweets would follow where he would announce the launch of the Domain Name Whole Exchange, where domain investors and brokers can buy and sell domain names.  In my interview with Josh Reason of, he gives you insight into how DNWE will bring more liquidity to your domain names.

The Best of DNWE

If you haven’t checked out the Domain Name Wholesale Exchange yet, you should go and apply for an account right now.  Accounts are free, and only take a few moments to fill out a short application.  Once approved for an account, you can view the listing of domains for sale, as well as list qualified domains.  The website is crisp and has very good filtering capabilities.  Better yet, all the domain names listed for sale are investment-quality domains!

Benefits to buying or selling a domain name on DNWE

  • only high-quality domains are listed/sold
  • pricing is wholesale, never retail
  • all prices are buy-it-now
  • easy payment processing with and epik escrow
  • 30-day listing keeps inventory fresh
  • no end-users will see wholesale prices

Now you know why you should buy and sell domains with Josh at DNWE.  Read on to find some tips to register and get the best out of your experience.

Interview with Josh Reason on DNWE

Josh was very gracious, and I’m extremely appreciative that he took time out of his busy day for this interview.  Thank you Josh for your candor, and for being the visionary to offer a unique new marketplace to domain investors.  During the interview, he answers questions I had about commissions and privacy concerns.  Moreover, he shares his vision for the Domain Name Wholesale Exchange.  More, he offers tips on how to get your application to join DNWE approved.  Below is an excerpt, please enjoy!

what is your vision for 

I created DNWE because of the limited wholesale options that investors in our industry have available.  I wanted to create a secure platform for buying and selling that was only accessible to approved investors. I knew domain investors wanted an easier way to move some of their portfolio without sacrificing their retail pricing strategy. The platform needed to be an exclusive wholesale experience cut-off from the outside world.

Who are DNWE’s competitors?

I built this platform because of the gap it serves within our market for both low and high-end domains.  I would say the closest resemblance to our platform would be private group chats or private domain forums, I wouldn’t however consider them competitors.

What fees are charged for sales on DNWE? 

9% with a $50 minimum. Standard escrow fees are included.

Are the sales publicized anywhere? 

No, and we wont be publicizing the sales.

Do you keep data on sales?

Yes.  We keep sales records but don’t have any current plans to use that data in any particular way.

payments are processed through and epik escrow.  Why did you choose these platforms?

We initially started with, but have recently started testing Epik on a few transactions because of their ability to service countries and regions that is unable to service. We may also add Credit/Debit cards and PayPal options for transactions under $1,000 in the near future.

Who can register for an account? 

Domain investors and/or brokers with a domain investment portfolio are able to apply for an account with us.  The platform is not for end-users.  While we can’t make any guarantees, we do have a vetting process before approving all account registrations.  Applicants with low quality domains or who don’t have a domain portfolio will not be approved.

What is the criteria for approval to have an account? 

Applicants that don’t have an investment portfolio, or have low quality domains will not be approved.  I recommend listing 2 of your better names when applying for an account. If your account gets declined, you can email with a list of better domains for reconsideration.

who determines which domain names are acceptable? 

We have multiple well-established investors that are very active in the wholesale market for both low and high-end domain names.  A well-known industry professional reviews every domain submitted.

what is the approval percentage of new applications?

We’re currently seeing about 30% of submissions getting approval.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about 

While the site has only been live for a little over a month, we have been overwhelmed with support from the community.  As of a few days ago, I’m happy to have officially added Joshua Schoen as a partner at DNWE, and we’re both very excited to keep moving this platform forward and to help bring more meaningful buying and selling options to domain investors around the globe.


I hope you enjoyed my interview with Josh Reason of  For more great interviews like this one, see links below!

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