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At NamesCon Global I was able to chat with’s Steve Webb and learn about why he was so passionate about the work they’re doing there. is a back-ordering service for Country Code and Generic TLDs.  They also offer a domain parking service where you can list your domains for sale with a buy-it-now price.  He was enthusiastic about the future of the domaining industry, and shared some great tips for investors who’re interested in buying and selling “new” gTLDs and ccTLDs.  Steve shares what sets apart from other platforms, and tells us which of the new gTLDs we should all buy low on right now!

While I’ve yet to use their services, I’m going to really be digging in soon.  I’m a firm believer in supporting small businesses that passionately solve problems for themselves, then provide that service to others.  If you have an experience to share, leave a comment in the post – I’d love to hear about  your experience with them.

If you’re interested in learning more about TLDs, listen to my most recent podcast where I get into detail about which of the new TLDs you should buy (and which one’s you should avoid).  And, which of the “legacy” TLDs might be worth taking a new look at.  Let’s jump right into the Q & A with Steve!

Interview with Steve Webb from
Jason Morris, (left)
Steve Webb, (right)

what is is a service that allows you to backorder expired domains for various popular TLDs. If you’re the only person that orders a domain and we successfully register it for you, we charge you, and the domain is yours. If multiple people order the domain, it goes to a 10-day public auction. In both cases, you only pay if you get the domain.

We also offer a domain parking service, which allows you to park your domain with a Buy It Now (BIN) price. If someone wants to buy your domain for this BIN price, we broker an transaction on your behalf and take a small commission.

When was founded, and who are the partners?

Mike Carson founded in June 2014.  I (Steve) joined the team in June 2019.

Which TLDs are supported?

On, you can backorder the following TLDs: .io, .me, .ly, .to, .gg, .vc, .sh, .ac, .bz, .je, .pro, .info, .red, .mn, .ag, .lc, and .sc.

We also partner with the .ai registry to auction expired .ai domains on the last Friday of every month.

Why did you choose to support these TLDs?

We started with .io domains because there wasn’t a reliable service that offered domain backorders for .io domains at the time. Mike personally wanted a service like this, and he knew others would want it too because .io domains were getting more and more popular, especially with tech companies.

We added .ly, .to, and .me domains next because of cool domain hacks and because most of these TLDs were not available elsewhere. After that, we’ve been adding more TLDs based on user demand.

Why did you decide to start

Initially, it started as a hobby for Mike — building scripts to find and register expiring domains before everyone else. Eventually, the system became good enough that Mike realized he could sell it as a service. And was born.

Why should domain investors use

Domain investors should use because there are still tremendous investment opportunities in ccTLDs.

We recently created a statistics page to provide insights about expired domain registrations and auctions. One of the most interesting observations from those statistics is that the average flip profit (for public flips) was $1,263.55, and the average hold time was 371 days. Additionally, the combined ROI for all public flips originating from was 505%.

Simply stated, there is a lot of money waiting to be made with ccTLDs. The entry points are significantly lower than most gTLDs, and the exit values are increasing every year.

Do you have immediate plans to add new features or new TLDs?

We have a lot of exciting plans for 2020. People have been asking us for a way to sell their own domains for quite some time so we’re actively developing an innovative marketplace that is unlike anything that currently exists in the industry.

We’re also always looking for new TLD opportunities. We have a few in mind that we would like to add next, but we’re not quite ready to announce those yet. Ask us again in a few months. 😉

Are you a domain investor? Do you primarily invest in the TLDs supported on or others? 

We’re both domain investors (although Mike has a significantly better portfolio than Steve), and we primarily focus on the TLDs you can find on We have as much experience in those TLDs as anyone in the world so we tend to stick to what we know best.

What was your biggest takeaway from NamesCon2020? 

Our biggest takeaway was that the future of domain investing is still incredibly bright.

We enjoyed the sessions, but more than anything else, we enjoyed meeting with everyone at the conference. It was great to see old friends and meet new ones, and there was a genuine sense of optimism about the industry as a whole.

what is your best tip for domain investors in 2020?

Buy as many .gg domains as you can while they’re still incredibly inexpensive. The .gg TLD has become the gaming TLD, and as the gaming industry (and especially the esports industry) continues to grow, the value of those domains will explode over time.


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