Is There Enough Value in Monetizing For-Sale Landing Pages for Domain Investors?

How Can I Use All These Domain Names I Have?

Since becoming a domain investor, I find myself accumulating more and more domainsand I’m starting to understand the amount of traffic that visit my ForSale Landing Pages (FSLPs).  You can read how I setup you Google Analytics to measure the traffic on my parked domains in this article.  This data I see is making me consider what I can do to monetize those sites as I’m waiting for them to sell.   

My highest priority is selling the domain names I own.  As such, current FSLPs are designed to be clear and easy for the end user to understand the domain is for sale, and that they can securely Buy Now. 

For Sale Landing Page

Selling domain names requires patience and plenty of waiting, so I think it’s valid to explore making some money from ads if it doesn’t impact sales.  It’s completely possible that placing ads on FSLPs may increase the value of the domain, though it may also detract from the value.  At present, I don’t have an enough information to know either way.    

Options for Marketing Landing Pages

I do want to consider if placing ads on my FSLPs could be the right thing for all or a subset of the domains I own.  If I do choose to monetize my FSLPs, there are at least 2 ways to do this: 

  1. Build my own landing page.  I could customize each page, while controlling the ads displayed on the page, along with the rest of the content.  It would require more of my time.  I don’t know if this method would increase or decrease my revenue, but I do know I’d have to spend more time doing this. 
  1. Use a service to setup the ads and page and start making money.  Since I don’t have a lot of time, this would probably be my best option, but I don’t know if this will increase or decrease my revenue. 

Using Established Services to Market Landing Pages

First, I want to discuss Option 2, since there are already many proven methods to achieving my goal.  Many websites that offer to monetize your parked domains, here’s a list of the ones I know about, in no particular order: 

Currently, my FSLPs are currently setup through – which means my NameServers have been changed to Efty NameServers.  This is a draw back to me since I really like the service Efty provides me.  This could be a barrier to entry into FSLPs for me.

Decision on Domain Name FSLP Utilization

I could try setting up an A/B test – I’ll setup websiteA with a home-rolled landing page with my own ads on it, and I’ll setup websiteB through one of the companies named above.  If I use similar domains, or perhaps do one for month 1 and the other for month 2.  Perhaps this will give me a slice of real data to make a decision about.  Perhaps it won’t be large enough sample size to tell me anything.  

I’ll have to do a bit of research to figure out how to place ads on a page, host that page, then create a CNAME record on one of the sites, and that should work.  All of those are simple except for the research and implementation of ads, that seems to have some complexity.  If you have thoughts, experiences, , or questions please leave a comment below.  I’ll update you on the progress of this project soon. 

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