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If you’re looking for more customers near Navarre, Florida, I can help!  As a locally owned and operated Navarre Website design Company, we support businesses that need professional web design that will drive customers to their business.  As a local web development business, I can best understand the needs of your customers, clients and other stakeholders to design a website that will absolutely drive customers to your brick-and-mortar business, turning website visits into dollars and cents.

A Full-Service web development model

Navarre Website DesignFrom initial consultation, I want to understand your business needs and the consumer needs of your users.  Since I’m local, we can even meet in person to discuss your needs – this will help us avoid confusing language that sometimes occurs when chatting on the phone or online.  Once I complete research and fully understand the needs, I’ll design a website using the latest technology that will feature the very best user experience coupled with top-of-the-line security to protect your business and your customers.  Utilizing the webs very best Content Management System (CMS), I’ll develop a website you’ll be able to access and even be able to upload new content on your website, if you desire.  This website will also be optimized to appear at the top of search engine results for queries your customers are using today.  Using the newest standards, I’ll help you convert those website visitors to real-life paying customers.  Using a secure and reliable cloud-hosting service, your site will remain fast and optimal for returning the very best and top results to internet users.


A Unique Approach to Navarre Web Design

My goal for your website is to attract leads and convert them to paying customers.  FIrst, we’ll thoroughly analyze the needs of your organization.  We’ll work with you to understand what goals and objectives you have for your website.  Secondly, we’ll examine the roles of the typical visitors to your website, so that we can best understand the objectives and needs of these important users.  Next, I’ll employ my content specialists to go to work using the knowledge gained to drive new and existing users to convert to paying customers.

website development

Whether you’re a new brick-and-mortar business, a startup. or a new online business, we’ll leverage the best Content Management Solution (CMS) to meet the needs of you and your users.  By using WordPress, we’re using a proven platform that is a secure, performant and effective solution for businesses around the world.

Navarre SEO & Search Marketing

If you arrived on this page by searching Google or another search engine, it means you found us be searching for Navarre Website Design, SEO, or other key terms.  We can do the same thing for your business, engaging your customers with your the desired search terms and phrases.  JasonOfFlorida engages in a mutli-faceted approach toward search engine optimization.  First, we’ll optimize your site speed, which is a metric Google uses to rank websites.  Secondly, we write, optimize, and publish content based on what your customers are searching for.  Lastly, I’ll continue to optimize your site and the content to remain on top of search results, as search engine algorithms update.

I am results-driven, hard-working, and build my business on the back of my integrity.  I am able to innovate because I”m consistently updating my skill-set and technology stack to best serve your needs, and the needs of your customers.  Because I live and work right here in Navarre, Florida I can meet with you in person to discuss or your needs, though I’ll be happy to continue conversations online or by phone as needed.  Contact us to have a chat today about what I can do to help get your website on the map!

Navarre Website User Experience

By gearing our efforts towards understanding and implementing the very best user experience (UX), my team can design an amazing website that is not only aesthetically appealing, but will literally drive customers who visit your website to become paying customers at your local business!.  Using our premier Navarre website design, and a proven process we can deliver highly effective solutions.  The end-result is a fully customized web solution that is beautiful, efficient, and (most importantly) an effective web marketing tool.

cloud hosting services

JasonOfFLorida utilizes premier cloud hosting services for your website that will result in fast page load times.  These services are only the most reliable services available.  Leveraging these services, we can setup and maintain hosted email services for your business as well.  This hosted email service is available on a variety of platforms that are designed to fit your needs.

continued local support

Our website design and development includes a full year of support associated with your website and email platform.  We highly recommend you choose to renew our maintenance agreement for an annual fee.  This will allow us to partner with you, year over year, to continue to maintain the infrastructure, security, and integrity of your website and hosted email.

top-notch web security

The internet is abounding with security threats and vulnerabilities.  Nearly anyone can build a website one time, but maintaining your site to protect your business and users is our specialty.  We’ll build your website with the latest technologies that will protect you, but technology changes frequently to meet the growing threats of hackers.  We’ll continually update your website and email servers to provide you the best protection available.

real local service and resources

Built on Trust in Navarre

JasonOfFlorida will not only design a top-notch website that is aesthetically pleasing to your clients, but I want to build an enduring partnership with my clients in Navarre.  This professional relationship will be build on trust and a deep understanding of your company’s needs now, and in the future, as you continue to grow and diversify.

Why Choose JasonOfFlorida for your web needs?

We treat every customer like they’re our only customer.  You can expect prompt replies to emails, and we’ll return your call quickly when we’re serving another customer.  We do not want to just build your website then leave you alone – we will continually service your website, continuing to work with you long after the project is first completed.  We will constantly make sure that your website is operating efficiently, securely, and is visible to search engines and directories.  We’ll not only optimize your site for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, we’ll continue to put in the hard work to make sure your site ranks among the very top of search results in your specific niche.  More, I’m not just a web developer who works for some company far away, I’m a real-life local who has spent years building the skill set to best serve your business.  Here’s a summary of the benefits choosing JasonOFFlorida will provide to create the very best Navarre Website Design:

Summary of benefits:

  • Security – Your website will be secure, and will take great care of private information on or passed through the website.
  • Time-saving – Building a website is just one time-consuming step, it must be maintained just like everything else.  Some folks forget that.
  • Professional design – bringing years of user experience to the table, we’ll create a website where users can find what they’re looking for with ease.
  • ADA compliance – I know how to make and keep your website compliant so everyone in your community can use it.
  • No Conflict of Interest – Having someone in your organization design and build a website for you will create a COI.  More, we’ll keep your business needs at the very top of our list.
  • Training & Turnover – If someone in your organization creates your website, at some point, they will leave, leaving a gap in coverage.
  • Peace of Mind – we’ll conduct updates and keep your website performing they way you want it to perform.
  • Local Resources – give us a call, stop by, meet us at the coffee shop.  We’re easily available to meet your needs – no clicks required.
  • Continued Partnership – with our annual maintenance agreement, we’ll continue to serve you and your customers for years to come at a reasonable cost.

Do you have more questions, or are you ready to discuss what we can do for you now?  Contact me using the form below.

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