Domain Sales Strategy: Price Upon Request

Price Upon Request was a recent feature added by Efty, this in addition to the options to Make An Offer and Buy It Now.  In this article I compare the buy-it-now-method versus the price-upon-request-method, listing the price upon request benefits.  When the feature was released, several Domain Investors were excited by the possibilities of this new way of doing business.  The driving force behind this new feature was the Domain King, Rick Schwartz.  The King tweeted this in response to the feature release: I think “Price Upon Request“ versus “Make an Offer” is going to revolutionize the domain industry in 2020. I think it may be one of my greatest contributions to the industry ever. One shows value and strength and the other shows desperation and weakness. Congrats!#Domains — Rick Schwartz 👑 The DomainKing® 👑 Since 1995 (@DomainKing) December 15, 2019   In my recent interview with domain investor Rick Schwartz, I learned at least one thing about him: with more

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