Interview with Steve Webb from the hot take on new TLDs

At NamesCon Global I was able to chat with’s Steve Webb and learn about why he was so passionate about the work they’re doing there. is a back-ordering service for Country Code and Generic TLDs.  They also offer a domain parking service where you can list your domains for sale with a buy-it-now price.  He was enthusiastic about the future of the domaining industry, and shared some great tips for investors who’re interested in buying and selling “new” gTLDs and ccTLDs.  Steve shares what sets apart from other platforms, and tells us which of the new gTLDs we should all buy low on right now! While I’ve yet to use their services, I’m going to really be digging in soon.  I’m a firm believer in supporting small businesses that passionately solve problems for themselves, then provide that service to others.  If you have an experience to share, leave a comment in the post – I’d love to

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NamesCon 2020: A Regular Domainers Recap

It’s Friday evening in Austin, Texas and I just finished attending my very first NamesCon.  I’m going take a few minutes to share my experiences, insights, and observations of NamesCon Global 2020 from the perspective of a domain investor. To be clear, I’m not wealthy – I make nearly all of my money at my day job.  Like many other domainers, I work part-time to build a portfolio and attempt to sell a few domains through the course of the year to earn some additional income.  To attend NamesCon 2020,  I took a few days off of work, rented a car, reserved a hotel room and purchased my ticket to NamesCon.   On top of this, there were obvious travelling expenses.  For a regular guy like me, this trip was a luxury.  However, I justified it to myself by bringing along my oldest son, Jackson (15), so we could spend some good bonding time together.  More, I love buying and selling

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