Doron Vermaat of discusses Efty Landing Pages and More offer email

In 2013 domain investor Doron Vermaat and software entrepreneur Lionel Petitiaux founded Efty.  Efty provides powerful tools to domain investors.  I personally use Efty landing pages to help me sale, track and market my domain names.  I highly recommend their powerful platform for any domain investor seeking to improve their record-keeping and display those beautiful … Read more

Domain Sales Strategy: Price Upon Request

price upon request benefits

Price Upon Request was a recent feature added by Efty, this in addition to the options to Make An Offer and Buy It Now.  In this article I compare the buy-it-now-method versus the price-upon-request-method, listing the price upon request benefits.  When the feature was released, several Domain Investors were excited by the possibilities of this new … Read more