NamesCon 2020: A Regular Domainers Recap

It’s Friday evening in Austin, Texas and I just finished attending my very first NamesCon.  I’m going take a few minutes to share my experiences, insights, and observations of NamesCon Global 2020 from the perspective of a domain investor. To be clear, I’m not wealthy – I make nearly all of my money at my day job.  Like many other domainers, I work part-time to build a portfolio and attempt to sell a few domains through the course of the year to earn some additional income.  To attend NamesCon 2020,  I took a few days off of work, rented a car, reserved a hotel room and purchased my ticket to NamesCon.   On top of this, there were obvious travelling expenses.  For a regular guy like me, this trip was a luxury.  However, I justified it to myself by bringing along my oldest son, Jackson (15), so we could spend some good bonding time together.  More, I love buying and selling

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