The Complete Guide to A Records

I took an in depth look at how the Domain Naming System (DNS) works in this article.  In this new series of articles I’m going to explore the 10 most common types of DNS records.  In this first installment of DNS Records, I’ll discuss Address Records (A Record).  To prep you for the discussion, I’m going to give a brief overview of the type of DNS Servers and discuss Time To Live (TTL).  If you own a domain and/or have hosting through a host provider, you can view and manage your DNS records at your registrar (typically) by selecting your domain then select manage DNS.  The image below is from a domain I own that also has a website on it via GoDaddy GoCentral, but all the other records are default settings and have not been altered by me. Types of DNS servers There are three types of DNS Servers: DNS Resolver receives DNS queries. DNS Root Server is at

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