Domain Names Are (Still) a Bargain in 2019

comparable bargain

Some business owners still think domain names are too expensive, however, I want to put some myths to rest today and prove that domain names are a bargain.  First, let’s analyze the real costs of domain names.  According to a search on, within the last 12 months there have been 104,220 domain names sales … Read more

How the Domain Name System Works

internet routing

if you own or want to own a domain name,  you must understand how the Domain Name System works, including the purpose, rules, and limitations of TLDs, or Top Level Domains. Below I will dive into how internet routing works by utilizing IP Addresses and how IP addresses are assigned.  I will also outline the … Read more

Adopting Katalon for UI Tests

Adopting Katalon for UI Tests

Over the last few years my .NET dev shop has experimented with several different software testing automation frameworks.  First we adoptedProtractor, then and Cypress and now Katalon. You can see that all of these frameworks utilize Selenium framework, Each platform has it’s only strengths (and weaknesses).  I won’t go into the weeds on the strengths and … Read more

Updating Network Infrastructure for a Youth Sports League

Network Infrastructure

Late in 2018, I was asked to volunteer to help with the “IT” work associated with the Local youth sports league my family and I associate with.  This article is about the need that was first communicated to me and my perception of the need, versus the actual need.  There’s detail of the specific work … Read more