Seven Software Testing Principles

Software Testing Principles

Software Testing is a way to assess quality of software while reducing the risk of failure.  The testing process includes planning, analysis, design, implementation and reporting.  Software Testing has a single purpose of evaluating the software under test.  According to the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, there are seven principles in software testing: Testing shows the … Read more

Black Box Testing: A Complete Guide with Examples and Tools

What is Software Testing When a software developer writes code, their change should be tested to ensure that the code meet the standards of quality set for the code base.  The act of software testing is building test cases and using software testing techniques that verify the software reaches consumers without defect.  Software testing may … Read more

White Box Testing: A Complete Guide with Examples and Tools

white box testing

Software needs to be tested to ensure the quality of the application.  Software testing is the act of building test cases using testing techniques.  Testers use these test cases and techniques to test applications so that software reaches stakeholders without defect.  Moreover, software testing also helps to identify unforeseen errors, use cases or missing requirements.  … Read more

Adopting Katalon for UI Tests

Adopting Katalon for UI Tests

Over the last few years my .NET dev shop has experimented with several different software testing automation frameworks.  First we adoptedProtractor, then and Cypress and now Katalon. You can see that all of these frameworks utilize Selenium framework, Each platform has it’s only strengths (and weaknesses).  I won’t go into the weeds on the strengths and … Read more

Katalon Studio 6.3.0 Offers Two Nice Features

Katalon Studio 6.3.0 Features

Earlier I wrote about adopting Katalon Studio for UI Tests, and as my journey with Katalon continues, they continue to improve the desktop application.  Katalon Studio 6.3.0 features two nice enhancements when the Beta was released on July 3, 2019.  The release is presently downloadable in beta format via GitHub (click prerelease to download).  This … Read more