How to Transfer a Domain Name

Whether you bought or sold a domain name, or just want to transfer ownership to someone else in your company, this process is simple as pie.   Follow the necessary six easy steps below to allow your transfer to go off without a hitch.

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What does it mean to transfer a domain?

Transferring a domain name is the act of changing which registrar through which your domain name is registered.  If you purchased your domain name from Registrar A, then later decide that Registrar B has better products, services or pricing, then you may decide to switch domain name registrars.


There are two types of domain name transfers.

  • Transfer a domain from one account to another within the same registrar
  • Transfer a domain from one registrar to a new registrar

how to transfer a domain name to someone else

Why do people need to transfer a domain?

There are several reasons you may want to transfer a domain name.  For example, if you sell a domain name to another person, you will need to transfer the domain name from one person to the next.  Perhaps you’re not pleased with the pricing model or products associated with the domain registrar or services rendered by the registrar.  Often people switch domain registrars to fit all of their technical needs under one umbrella.  For example, you may have initially purchased a domain name with GoDaddy, but recently stood up your WordPress website on SiteGround (a web hosting provider that also is a domain registrar).  For simplicity sake, you decide to transfer your domain name to SiteGround.

How long does it take for a domain name to be transferred?

It takes less than 10 minutes to initiate a domain name transfer.  However, it may take 5 days for the domain name transfer to complete.


Prepare your domain for transfer

Before you start your transfer you’ll want to prepare your domain name by completing two steps:

  1.  Unlock your domain name at the current registrar.  You can go to your domain name management page, where there should be an option in your domain list to unlock your domain name with a toggle.

2.  Verify the administrative contact information is up to date.  This will allow you to verify the transfer via email.


Initiate the transfer with Registrar A

3.  Under Domain Settings select Transfer Domain

Transfer domain to another account

4.  select button to receive the transfer code

Transfer code GoDaddy

Complete the transfer with Registrar B

5.  login to your new registrar and select Domain Transfer

6.  enter the domain name you want to transfer and the authorization code that was emailed to you, select Start Transfer.

This completes the domain transfer process.  You can transfer a domain from one account to another with a nearly identical process.  Some registrars may require you to respond to an email to the administrative contact to initiate or complete the transfer.  Be sure to follow all of the instructions in the email.  Happy transferring!


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