Doron Vermaat of discusses Efty Landing Pages and More offer email

In 2013 domain investor Doron Vermaat and software entrepreneur Lionel Petitiaux founded Efty.  Efty provides powerful tools to domain investors.  I personally use Efty landing pages to help me sale, track and market my domain names.  I highly recommend their powerful platform for any domain investor seeking to improve their record-keeping and display those beautiful … Read more

How to Add Google Analytics to your For-Sale Domain Landing Pages

Google Analytics

Do you have the need to setup Google Analytics for multiple domains?  As a Domain Investor, I wanted the ability to see more about the user traffic that goes to my for-sale landing pages of the domains I own under one account.  With a bit of research, I was able to walk through these 12 … Read more

How to Setup Free Email Forwarding on Your Domain Names

Free Email Forwarding

As a domain investor, I’m constantly trying to find new ways to market my domain names.  As an avid listener to the Domain Name Wire Podcast, I’ve heard them mention more than once that setting up email forwarding on your domains could help you find a potential buyer for your domain.  For example, if domain … Read more