Interview with Steve Webb from the hot take on new TLDs

Interview with Steve Webb from

At NamesCon Global I was able to chat with’s Steve Webb and learn about why he was so passionate about the work they’re doing there. is a back-ordering service for Country Code and Generic TLDs.  They also offer a domain parking service where you can list your domains for sale with a buy-it-now … Read more

NamesCon 2020: A Regular Domainers Recap


It’s Friday evening in Austin, Texas and I just finished attending my very first NamesCon.  I’m going take a few minutes to share my experiences, insights, and observations of NamesCon Global 2020 from the perspective of a domain investor. To be clear, I’m not wealthy – I make nearly all of my money at my … Read more

Domain Sales Strategy: Price Upon Request

price upon request benefits

Price Upon Request was a recent feature added by Efty, this in addition to the options to Make An Offer and Buy It Now.  In this article I compare the buy-it-now-method versus the price-upon-request-method, listing the price upon request benefits.  When the feature was released, several Domain Investors were excited by the possibilities of this new … Read more

Do You Need www in Web Address

Do You Need www in Web Address

I’m just old enough to remember when all ads that contained websites started with “visit our website at dubya dubya dubya dot…”.  Further, I’ve been working on creating some new websites, and I’ve been trying to answer the question “do you need www in web address?”.  If yes, how to best set it up? Can … Read more

Interview with a Domain King: Why and How he Buys Domains Off Twitter

The Domain King

In this article I wrote how the Domain King, Rick Schwartz, is again setting a new standard in marketing, this time he buys domains off Twitter.  Since I wrote that, I was able to interview the Domain King and ask him if he’s actually bought any domains (spoiler alert: he did), among other questions.  With … Read more

Domain Investing Frequently Asked Questions

domain investing FAQ

The purpose of this domain investing FAQ is to provide an overview of common terms used in the practice of buying and selling domain names as a way to make money.  Once you understand the basics, please ready my Complete Guide to Domain Investing, or give the podcast a listen for tips and tools to … Read more

Domain King Rick Schwartz Sets New Standard for Domain Investors

how to market domain names

Rick Schwartz, the man who has been called the Domain King, has been setting new marketing standards for domain investors on social media. The world’s most recognized domain investor, who has sold tens of millions of dollars in domain names, has had a few tweets recently that has really captured my attention.  Other domain investors … Read more

Seven Software Testing Principles

Software Testing Principles

Software Testing is a way to assess quality of software while reducing the risk of failure.  The testing process includes planning, analysis, design, implementation and reporting.  Software Testing has a single purpose of evaluating the software under test.  According to the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, there are seven principles in software testing: Testing shows the … Read more

How to Buy a Domain Name: The Complete Domain Buyers Guide

domain buyers guide

In this domain buyers guide I’ll define common terms associated with how to buy a domain name, and give you tools and tips necessary to find your ideal domain name.  I’ll show you how to research and locate the domain registrar that is right for you, and show you how to register a domain name.  … Read more

Black Box Testing: A Complete Guide with Examples and Tools

What is Software Testing When a software developer writes code, their change should be tested to ensure that the code meet the standards of quality set for the code base.  The act of software testing is building test cases and using software testing techniques that verify the software reaches consumers without defect.  Software testing may … Read more

The Complete Guide to ALIAS Records

Alias Records

This is the tenth and final installment In the of a ten-part series outlining the ten most common Domain Name System Records, or DNS Records.  In this article I will examine the ALIAS Record.  Find links to the previous articles below: The Complete Guide to CAA Records The Complete Guide to SOA Records The Complete … Read more

The Complete Guide to CAA Records

CAA Record

This is the ninth installment In the of a ten-part series outlining the ten most common Domain Name System (DNS) Records.  In this article I will examine CAA Records, or Certification Authority Authorization.  Find links below to the previous articles below: In the eight article I examined SOA Records In the seventh article I examined PTR Records In … Read more