Domain Investing

Domain investing means buying domain names as an investment.  A domain name can be used to build a website on, can generate revenue via pay-per-click advertisements, or can be sold.  Domain Investors may do one or all of these things during the course of their career because they’re purchasing domains for investment purposes.  A domain investor may invest in a domain name as a means to generate passive income, active income, while others may be resold for profit.  Often, a domain name will cycle through all three.

At Jason Of Florida, we offer tools, tips, articles and analysis designed especially for the domain investor and those interested in the business of investing in domain names.  Check out all of our free resources below.  If you have a question or would like to provide feedback please contact me, I’d enjoy hearing from you.

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The domains listed for sale are premium dot com domains.  Payment options include the secure and reliable

Before You Buy a Domain Name Check out our Domain Name Analysis

Jason of Florida analyzes fifteen key areas associated with your domain, including email and websites associated with your domain name.  This information will assist you to determine if the domain you want to purchase is the best domain for you and your business.

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