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Domain investing means buying domain names as an investment.  A domain name can be used to build a website on, can generate revenue via pay-per-click advertisements, or can be sold.  Domain Investors may do one or all of these things during the course of their career because they’re purchasing domains for investment purposes.  A domain investor may invest in a domain name as a means to generate passive income, active income, while others may be resold for profit.  Often, a domain name will cycle through all three.

At Jason Of Florida, we offer tools, tips, articles and analysis designed especially for the domain investor and those interested in the business of investing in domain names.  Check out all of our free resources below.  If you have a question or would like to provide feedback please contact me, I’d enjoy hearing from you.

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Podcast: domain investing with jason

Domain Investing Podcast with Jason Of Florida shares real life experiences, give tips and tools to help domainers achieve a better level of success with their domain names. Topics will include how to buy, market, advertise, and sell domain names. We will also discuss topics like top-level domains, domain valuation and tools for domain investors – and more!

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2020 best domain registrar challenge

We analyzed the top 64 domain registrars in detail.  But first, we use data to seed all 64 teams into a March Madness style bracket.  Each registrar was seeded 1-16, and there are four regions, with the top registrar from each region advancing to the final four.  Each registrar was graded on four primary data points to receive seeding: Available Domainer Tools, Crunchbase Rank and Trend Score, Active Registered Domains and Number of TLDs Supported.  After the initial seeding, each match up was broken down individually by comparing pricing, services and stats between each registrar.  For further reading on each bracket, follow the links to the articles and listen to the podcasts shown.

Introduction to the 2020 Best Domain Registrar Challenge | Introduction Podcast

First Round Regionals: SouthEastMidwestWest

Second Round Regionals: SouthEastMidwestWest

Sweet Sixteen: analysis | Podcast First Round, Second Round and Sweet 16: South, East, Midwest, West

Elite Eight: analysis | Podcast

Final Four: analysis | Podcast

Bracket: final bracket

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